Land Use Planning & Permitting


Let Epic Wireless simplify the process of obtaining the government permits, authorizations, and professional opinions needed to begin work. Our professional specialties combined with years of experience and longstanding relationships with many communities help avoid red tape and move ventures smoothly through the required processes. We offer the following Land Use and Government Relations Services to our clients:


Permitting Services

  • Process, research and provide step-by-step requirements for approval

  • Assemble the proper documents and coordinate their timely submission

  • Meet with all parties in the review process to identify, address and resolve issues

Zoning Services

  • Conduct pre-project zoning analysis
  • Coordinate applications and documentation with the appropriate jurisdictions
  • Represent clients in public forums as required

Additional Services

  • Coordinate auxiliary due diligence servces including serveys, geotechnical services, appraisal services and certain title exam services
  • Coordinate and support the submission of special applications with state and federal agencies
  • Conduct internal plan review
  • Coordinate release of real property title encumbrances
  • Prepare feasibility and “site fit” drawings